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For the Sunday morning club rides, we usually park in front of the old court house downtown Riverside.  It's on Main St. & 10th St. We arrive there about 20 minutes before the ride starts.  That leaves plenty of time to get you and your bike ready for the ride.  Head north, up towards City Hall, to 9th & Main on the walking mall where we all gather to listen to each ride leader describe the routes for the day.

We meet here at 9th St. & Main in front of City Hall. 
Our Ride Chairman will give a few announcements of upcoming events, ask if we have any visitors or new riders, then the Ride Leaders from each level give some details of their ride.  All groups leave from this location downtown, unless otherwise stated.  After returning from the day's ride, some will stay and enjoy group conversation and lunch at the local eateries.
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