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our mountain bike division


Who is TEAM DIRTY WORK? - We are people who like to ride mountain bikes! We prefer to do it with other people who like to ride mountain bikes. We are the dirt division of the Riverside Bicycle Club and an IMBA affiliated club. We ride various routes discovered by our group from years of exploring the local riding areas. We tend to compete with each other on climbs and through technical sections and the result is increased fitness and skill. Attitudes are left at home and we are out to get fit and have fun. We stop and regroup several times during the rides. We do all levels of riding and anyone physically fit could participate in at least one of our weekly rides. We encourage people to to join us.

There are benefits to riding with a group like the Team Dirty Work Mountain Bikers. It is safer to be with others in case of injury or mechanical breakdown. We leave no one out on the trail broken down or injured. New riders can learn about the sport of mountain biking from more experienced riders. You will learn about the trail structure around the Riverside area. Usually a few strong riders lead the rides and at least one tail gunner picks up the residue. Negative aspects? None. The only one might be having TOO MUCH fun.

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Come join us on a ride!

All mountain bikers are welcome. Generally, almost all reasonably fit people can enjoy riding with Team Dirty Work. We offer a variety of rides each week. This is a great way to get involved in a mountain biking group. We enjoy having new riders join us.

When we ride!

Tuesday & Thursday - at 6:00 pm in the Canyon Crest Towne Center Parking lot in front of Rite Aid (corner of Central and Canyon Crest Drive). Ride duration approximately 1-2 hours.   MAP

Saturday and Sunday- at 8:00 am in the Canyon Crest Towne Center Parking lot in front of Rite Aid (corner of Central and Canyon Crest Drive).   MAP

Evening rides are more intense than weekend rides. Monday evening rides can be very intense. During the winter months, evening rides require lights. Sunday rides are the best days for the fit but inexperienced biker to join in on. Sometimes bicycles are transported to the other locations on the weekends. Please call R.C. Morton at 909-784-0459 for any last minute updates. Team Dirty Work also holds at least one "Special" ride each year. This special event is advertised at the local bike shops and will be announced on the web site.

Ride Routes

Team Dirty Work is fortunate to have the option of several different local areas in which to ride. Our rides usually go through one of the following areas: Whitegate, Sycamore Canyon, or Box Springs Mountain. These routes require short sections over pavement to reach trail heads where we ride a mix of double and single tracks. Over the years Team Dirty Work has given some rather colorful names to some of the routes regularly riden. You will learn these colorful names by riding with our group.

Team Dirty Work Off-Road Ride Policy

1. You must wear a helmet to ride with Team Dirty Work.

2. You must show up for rides with a bike ready to go, essential emergency tools on board, and enough food and water to get you through the ride.

3. Cardiovascular fitness is necesary and expected on all TDW rides. Weekday evening rides not only require fitness but they require a very high level of mountain biking skills. Saturday and Sunday rides tend to be more relaxed and the ride group is often divided with the lesser fit group riding separately from the more fit group. But, all rides traverse hilly terrain requiring steep and sometimes prolonged climbs. Showing up for any of the scheduled TDW rides and not being physically prepared (Read: cardiovascularly fit) is dangerous to the new participant and creates problems in keeping the ride group together.

4. Ride to prevent trail damage. We don't usually ride in the rain or when riding conditions will cause undue trail damage.

5. You must be courteous and considerate to horse riders and hikers. Please stop when you encounter horse riders until they wave you by. Please slow down to a snails pace when passing hikers. We want to keep our trails open to mountain biking.

6. It is always a good idea to make a call ahead of time for last minute updates on ride schedules. Sometimes we transport to other locations and sometimes unplanned non-bike events arise.

Rules of the Trail

  1. Ride on open trails only
  2. Leave no trace/trash
  3. Control your bicycle (or you'll crash)
  4. Always yield to non-bikers on the trail
  5. Don't scare animals
  6. Don't ride beyond your ability
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