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2020 January:  Christmas Party Pix

2020 February;  E-bikes and more

2020 March:  Meet JEN ORR; 2020 RAAM WOMAN SOLO RACER at Club meeting

2020 April:  Read how we can still ride during the coronavirus

2020 May, June:  We are back riding "Officially!"

2020 July, Aug:  New Gaiter/neck scarf with club logo


2019 January;  Christmas party & Rose Parade pix

2019 February;  NEW monthly MEETING place

2019 March:  Get well wishes to Joe Ganino Jr, hit by truck

2019 April;  Brian Sabel, Hit & Run victim.

2019 May:  Ride of Silence, & New jerseys.

2019 June:  RBC 128th Birthday ride

2019 July:  New Sunday Ride Leader, Andrew Lippert

2019 Aug:  prettiest painted bike ever! & New T/Th night ride leaders; Chris Gate & Tracy Pham

2019 Sept;  read, Safety, STS, Citrus Classic, and more

2019 Oct;  read what Bike Legal lawyer Gven said at club meeting, Andrew Holybee Ride Chair.

2019 Nov;  Cycliq, bike camera discount, Citrus Classic pix

2019 Dec;  Christmas Dinner Party, see NEW LOCATION!


2018 January:   Christmas party & Rose Parade pix 

2018 February:  Update on homeless on SART

2018 March:  Cyclist killed at Tour de Palm Springs

2018 April:  NEW Sunday Start Location

2018 May:  Murder charges filed in Palm Springs case

2018 June:  The E group is BACK!

2018 July:  Swap Meet/club meeting 

2018 Aug:  We're moving!  Evening rides & Club meeting locations are moving, starting in August.  

2018 Sept:  SMOG to SERF flyer, Arlington Ave Widened, & new C and E Ride Leaders

2018 Oct:  Free membership

2018 Nov:  Holiday rides & 2019 board ballot

2018 Dec:  Christmas Party & Upcoming rides


2017 January     Ken Mogi memorial ride

2017 February   Tour de Palm Springs

2017 March     Riverside Bike Infrastructure

2017 April      Dwight Davis & Sam Crawford

2017 May     meeting at 6:30

2017 June     3 Club Ride/B'day party

2017 July     Party pix

2017 August     New Secretary

2017 Sept     Smog to Surf details

2017 October     STS pix & 10 Tips CycleSavvy

2017 November     Remembering David Cain & Jim Huff

2017 December     Club Christmas Dinner Party info


2016 January   Xmas & Parade pix

2016 February   T-shirt design request

2016 March   T-shirt design winner!

2016 April    125th Anniversary party info

2016 May     GWBR memorial ride for Wade

2016 June     Ride of Silence report 

2016 July     125th Anniversary with bonus pages 

2016 August     Ride leaders are changing

2016 September     Smog to Surf

2016 October   run for the board

2016 Nov. expanded version     Remembering Ken Mogi

2016 Nov. 12 page print version     Remembering Ken Mogi

2016 Dec.     Christmas party plans & more...


2015 Jan.pdf   Xmas party & parade pix

2015 Feb.pdf   Magnolia closed for 1 yr.


2015 April.pdf   Jersey order form inside.

2015 May.pdf   Ride of Silence May 20th

2015 June.pdf   Report on ROS ride

2015 July.pdf   GWBR & Queen Mary pix

2015 Aug.pdf   Tribute to Wade Reasons

2015 Sept.pdf   Smog to Surf RSVP.

2015 Oct.pdf   Smog to Surf pix

2015 Nov.pdf   Ballot for 2016 board

2015 Dec.pdf   Christmas party info


2014 Jan.pdf
Pix, Christmas dinner party

2014 Feb.pdf
Ghost bikes & parade pix

2014 Mar.pdf
Cyclists killed

2014 Apr.pdf
New Ride Chair

2014 May.pdf
Ride of Silence, SART closures

2014 June.pdf
Lots of event pix

2014 July.pdf   New group, & jersey contest

2014 Aug.pdf
   Penny Farthing build

2014 Sept.pdf
Now two Saturday ride groups

2014 Oct.pdf

Winning jersey design

2014 Nov.pdf
In memory of Ron Williams 

2014 Dec.pdf
Christmas Party & other events


2013 Jan.pdf
Pix; Christmas party, Xmas light ride & Rose Parade

2013 Feb.pdf
Bike with the Mayor, & Pete Staylor's Golden Gate story

2013 Mar.pdf
Brockton Av & SART paved

2013 April.pdf
Brockton, In My Opinion

2013 May.pdf
TDW, new bike lanes, & Queen Mary pix

2013 June.pdf
History-bike super hwy, Tour de Cure & GWBR pix

2013 July.pdf
Get Acquainted & park opens

2013 Aug.pdf
Some Roads in Riverside

2013 Sept.pdf
STS flyer, Trouble at tracks, & Why do you ride like that?

2013 Oct.pdf
STS flyer, Halloween ride, & The Best Bike Path in SoCal,

2013 Nov.pdf
Read what the candidates have to say before you vote

2013 Dec.pdf
Election results, fun pictures

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