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13 photo(s) Updated on: 10 Mar 2013
  • Fast group meet up with the other RBC's for a pic at Citrus College.
  • Vicki running to get into picture. Run Vicki, run. See Vicki run. Vicki runs toooooo slow. Slow Vicki. (:
  • Bob taking pix over his shoulder of group on their way to the parade.
  • Harry Ketza & Kathy Lopez up the hill to Pasadena
  • Elaine & Jim (:
  • Sean
  • Marty's on his SECOND LAP! (:
  • Kathy got Bob's pic (:
  • Sean & Pam enjoying the parade along with about 2,000 other folks.
  • new RBC Treasurer Bob & Secretary Kathy
  • Dogs for Defense float (:
  • remember these youngsters, they got married in front of a gazillion people at the start of the parade
  • Vic & Stirling having fun watching the parade.
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