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Weekly Club Rides

The following are standing rides put on by the Riverside Bicycle Club and open to the public.

ALL RIDERS MUST WEAR A HELMET, and Lights are required for the night rides.

We suggest that you have the following items for a safe journey.

  • Cell phone
  • 2 water bottles or hydration pack.
  • Flat fixers: spare tube, patch kit, tire iron, pump or C02.
  • Energy snacks
  • Money for rest stops to purchase food and beverage
  • ID card and Health insurance card.
  • A bike that has the tire air pressure checked, lubed chain, properly working shifter and brakes.

Sunday Weekly Road Ride


7:30 AM: May thru Sept 11th & Main Street Riverside, CA 92522
 8:00 AM: Oct thru April Same




Sunday Road Ride Groups

 Group Mileage
Speed MPH
 A  45 to 60
 Moderate to Difficult
over 18
 B  35 to 45
Moderate to Difficult
15 to 18
 C 25 to 40
Flat, rolling hills, moderate climbing
13 to 15
 20 to 35
Flat, rolling hills, moderate climbing 11 to 13
 E15 to 25
Groups abilities that day determine terrain
10 to 12

Tuesday and Thursday Weekly Road Ride

 Time  Description Location
Evenings; 6:30PM

Fast, medium & slow groups.  Slow group may not ride in winter.  Ride leaders wanted

  Stater Bro's c/o Lincoln & Mary, Riverside

Morning; 7:30 summer 8:00 winter

C paced ride, 13-15mph
Stater Bro's c/o Lincoln & Mary, Riverside
Tuesday and Thursday  Road Ride Groups
 Ave Speed
 Fast & Medium group
15 to 30
 moderate hills
 15 +
 Slow group
10 to 20
some hills
 10 to 15

Weekly Mountain Bike Rides

Team Dirty Work, is mountain bike division of the Riverside Bicycle Club. They host a night ride leaving from the Canyon Crest Towncenter parking lot between Bank of America and RiteAID.  All mountain bikers are welcome.  Generally almost all reasonably fit people can enjoy riding with Team Dirty Work.  This is a great way to get involved in a mountain biking group.  LIGHTS REQUIRED.  [MAP]

These rides are for experienced beginners and intermediate to advanced dirt riders.  Tuesday’s ride is typically the more intensive of the two night rides.  These rides are approximately 2 hours long through the Sycamore Canyon or Box Spring Mtn area.

If you are interested in joining this ride for the first time, please leave a message at

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