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Please note, you must wear a helmets to ride with us.


  • 1.       With full knowledge and appreciation that bicycle riding may be a hazardous activity, I/we hereby release and hold harmless the Riverside Bicycle Club, Inc.  Including prior to, during or after such activity. 
  • 2.       This release covers myself and all parties named herein, and all heirs, executors or administrators thereto, and is given in full awareness of its content and in consideration of acceptance of my/our membership. 
  • 3.       I/we also attest that I/we are physically fit and acknowledge that the Riverside Bicycle Club, Inc. recommends the wearing of an ANSI or Snell approved bicycle helmet when riding a bicycle during any club activity. 
  • 4       I give my permission to Riverside Bicycle Club and outside media agents (newspapers, television, etc.) to take photographs, video, and otherwise document me in the activities of this club.  I give permission for any photographs or video material to be used in publicity about the club and organization in or on website, promotional materials, newspaper/magazine articles, etc.



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