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October 2018

*Men's Traditional 125th Ann - (1) Medium.

*Women's Traditional - (8) Medium, (2) XL.

*Women's Traditional 125th Anniversary - (2) 2XL, (2) 3XL.

*Women's Traditional Pink - (1) Medium (on hold), (2) XL, (2) 3XL.

*Traditional Socks - (31) Large, (117) Medium. 

Traditional Caps - 9,      "R" Caps - 2,     

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We have four jerseys.

Traditional Jersey,  

Pink Jersey

out of stock

Retro Red Jersey

The "R" Jersey

designed by Deron Lien

  125th Anniversary T-shirt, coming soon!

  Club jerseys can be purchased at our monthly general meeting 

If you are unable to make it to the club meeting please make arrangements to pick up a jersey
with our club Vice president, Lisa Reece, (909) 747-4833 or



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