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RBC History 1890's

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     Picture, 1895 Riverside Wheelmen's one-third mile track in Riverside.  Read more TRACK
     Bike racing was quite a large event  A special train was scheduled from Los Angeles in order to accommodate competitors and spectators.
  Read all the stats on the   BIG RACE

Picture from: A Colony for California, by Tom Patterson


This picture is in the book named: "Riverside Memories - A pictorial History of the Early Years through the 1930s".  The complete caption for the photo reads "Riverside Wheelman's Club on a visit to Pomona, August 4, 1897.  

Thank you Bruce Meeks for sharing this wonderful picture.

This picture is at Kaiser Hospital Riverside, CA. click for larger pic

The male riders were dressed in “a sort of bathing costume.” Among the riders was a tall thin-legged 18-year-old who had never before participated in a bicycle race.  Much to everyone’s surprise, the untried youth named Carson Shoemaker riding for the Riverside Wheelmen crossed the finish line in first place.  (1895)    

Read the Carson Shoemaker story

From "Out West Magazine" Volume 5, 1896
A bit about cycling clubs with the Riverside Wheelmen mentioned.
"The Riverside Wheelmen is the oldest and the most active bicycle club ever formed south of San Jose' or west of Denver."
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From Los Angles Times, June 1894

President, J. A. Simms

Captain, I. S. Logan

Vice President, W. A. Correll

After reading this story of bicycling in Riverside California and surrounding cities in the late 1800’s it’s easy to see why so many people came west.  

From; Out West Magazine  1896

Nature’s lover finds the bicycle his best friend, for it is most practical, most convenient and most common.  And to him who finds most delight in speed, the Southwest also becomes a Mecca; for here are bicycle race-tracks galore in a climate that makes record breaking and the fastest speed possible.   READ MORE...

Wheelmen prepare for big meet;
A short article from the Los Angles Herald, July 1899
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