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GREAT NEWS!  ALL MEMBERS NOW HAVE FULL FUNCTIONALITY TO USE "RIDE WITH GPS" this is FREE for you as part of your RBC membership. You can get "Turn by Turn" voice navigation on al of our rides listed in "RIDE WITH GPS"  Click here for RBC's Ride with GPS

Also see;  

John from RBC on Ride with GPS, and B routes, C routes, Other routes, for more routes.

The routes listed below may be older versions from RIDE WITH GPS.COM. 

26.3 miles,
   John's SINGLE SPEED,  ele. 864.

31 miles,
  TURNS, TURNS, TURNS  ele. 1,608.

31.3 miles,  C - MORENO OLD,  ele. 1,450.

32.7 miles,   C - CARLA'S ROUTE,  ele. 1,222.

36.1 miles,   C - CHINO,  ele. 793.

36.3 miles,   SAFARI RIDE   ele. 829.

39.6 miles,  AWAY RIDE  QUEEN MARY RIDE    ele 229.

40.0 miles,   B or C - Climb to LYTLE CREEK RD.  ele. 1,707.

41.7 miles,   C - CORONA HILLS,  ele. 1,557.

43.8 miles,   B or C - TOM'S FARMS,  ele. 1,241.

44.2 miles,  AWAY RIDE  the 3 RIVER RIDE, ele  611.

49.2 miles,   B - SOUTH CLIMB,   ele.  3,668.

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