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Members Sign-in Help

1. To Access the “Members Only” Section:
a. Log into the site (upper right) with the email address you gave RBC.
b. Enter your password.  You will have received an email with a link letting you create your password.
c. Click login.

d. Now “Members Only” Section will be visible.

2. What’s in the “Members Only” Section?
a. the Club and Commuter mileage tracking forms
b. the sign-in form for Ride Leaders
c. a list of bike shops that offer discounts for RBC Members
d. a Member directory
e. access to Club material, such as Board minutes, policies, budget and bylaws.

3. Family Memberships:

a. When creating a Family Membership, you first fill out the family application with your info.  Family memberships are called a “bundle”.
b. The person creating the bundle is called the “bundle administrator”.
c. Once the Family Membership is created, the bundle administrator can go to his/her profile and add the names and contact information for all others in their Family Membership. Setting up a Family Membership this way allows all family members to be automatically entered into the system.  Also allows them to have their own login and create their own password.

4. Online Member Directory in the “Members Only” Section:

a. If you want others to know about you and your cycling interests, you must go to the Website and complete your online profile and give permission to share it in the Member Directory.
b. Until you create your profile and agree to have it appear in the Member Directory, only your name will appear.

5. Keep Your Contact Information Current!
If any of your contact information changes, especially your email address, go to your profile and update your information there – otherwise we may lose track of you!

6. Renewing your Membership:
a. If you renew your Membership online, it is much less work for us and less cost for you (no stamp and envelope).
b. To renew online, log into the site (see the first paragraph above) and access your profile. Choose to update membership 

c. If you still prefer to mail in your payment, please allow at least one month for your Membership to be updated and to receive your new Membership Card.

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