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RBC History, 2000's

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Anthony Zahn, pic from 2004

2003 at Citrus State Park in Riverside during the club's 112th Anniversary party. With a morning ride, picnic in the park and bike games.
Pictured; Cliff, Stirling, Karon, Chris, Dave, Jim Peterson, Jeff, Dyno, Tim, Barry, Fred, Dorie, Steve and Kyle Grimes, Jim Irby, Monica, Pam, Jennifer, Mark, Kenny, Karla, and Dwight. 
WOW, we all were young!!!
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from The Spoke'n Word, July, 2003

Riverside Bicycle Club is still active in 2003
This title is mimicking the title below
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from Press Enterprise Oct. 2, 2005  
Historical Snapshots of the Riverside Area,
Riverside Bicycle Club was still active in 1903.     Read more

Anthony Zahn was a member of RBC
and raced in our Time Trial events for many years.
 From The Spoke'n Word.  June, 2003 see his times before he was famous
You may recognize some of the other racers names, if you are old enough!  (:
Results Sycamore Canyon Time Trial
& an ad for Mt. Rubidoux Time Trials

"Meet Anthony Zahn",  from a YouTube video interview from 2008
RBC member and owner of Anthony's Cyclery in Riverside

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Anthony Zahn's Paralympic record 2012

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Anthony, 2013, still racing.  For a cause.
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RBC's Skip Cutting admitted into the Riverside Sports Hall of Fame 2011 

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