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Tuesday & Thursday 6:30 PM Road Rides

 NEW LOCATION! same start time, 6:30pm

 (Because of the construction around Baker's we are now starting from STATER BROTHER'S PARKING LOT c/o MARY & LINCOLN.  PLEASE park away from the store at the south most stalls, Restrooms available at Washington Park.  Thank you for your patients and please be courteous to the Stater Bro’s shoppers.) 


Come join the evening road ride.  We start promptly at 6:30 so come early to get you and your bike ready.

It's a great way to undo all that stress after a hard day at work. 

(We won't ride if it is raining.)

This ride usually has 3 groups.  Fast Group; 25ish miles @ 16 & up, mph.  Medium; 20ish miles @ 15ish mph.  Not as Fast; 15ish miles @ 11ish mph.  Fast & Medium group rides; Moderate hills are frequently included. More challenging routes are available depending upon who is riding.  The "Not as Fast group" Mild to moderate hills may be included depending upon who is riding.   


Lights are required for this ride

What kind of lights do I need?

Usually during the summer months we have daylight for the entire ride. It is a good idea to have at least a small white flashing light on the front of your bike. It won't illuminate the road, but it makes you more visible to cars. As the days get shorter you will need a brighter headlight so you can actually see where you are going. One red tail light is required. (better to have two just in case one goes out during a ride)

The brighter the better when it comes to night time bike riding. Bright headlight. Bright tail light. Wear a light colored jersey. A reflective vest or jacket is also a good idea.

We meet in the parking lot of the Baker’s Drive-Thru at 3522 Adams Street. (on Adams just north of the 91 Fwy). 

Night rides vary throughout the year depending on the amount of daylight, number of riders and skill level. There are usually at least 2 groups for this ride. You are invited to join us for a bite to eat at one of the nearby restaurants after the ride.

    Ride starts at 6:30, so show up early enough to get you and your bike ready. Check the  Facebook for updates.

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